Thank you for volunteering to support the vaccination centre at FOLCA in central Folkestone.

You are volunteering to assist at the Vaccination Centre organised by the Channel Healthcare Alliance Ltd, CHA, who are responsible for the safe running of this Centre. CHA moved operations from the Civic Centre to Folca on October 21st.

The same familiar faces will be there. The pace of vaccinations will be the same as it has been at the CC. The aim is to have 8 vaccinators but as we know this is often a challenge. This will be a comfortable home for vaccinations through the winter.

  • When you turn up for your shift just show your confirmation email from the booking system, Appointlet, as ID to the security guard. There will be two security guards on duty.
  • There will be a briefing meeting for the 8am shift upstairs every morning. Those on later shifts please seek out a member of staff wearing an orange Hi Vis jacket who will welcome you and brief you.
  • There is a white-board upstairs with all briefing notes on it also.
  • There is coffee and tea available upstairs all day.
  • The NHS vaccinations will be running in parallel on one side of the building until the end of the month after which it will be the smaller CHA operation running through December.
  • More information will be in the usual Thursday email.
  • Please go upstairs to sign in and sign out for safety reasons

Parking arrangements

Free parking has been arranged, for volunteers only, at the Leas Cliff Hall car park on Sandgate Rd. Our thanks to Folkestone-Hythe District council. To avail of this, send an email with your car registration number to stating briefly the purpose of applying. This only needs to be done once and will last till the end of the year.

Please do not abuse this free parking as we could lose the benefit for everyone.

Cancelling a shift

A shift can be cancelled through a link on your confirmation email. If you are unable to make your shift at short notice please let us know.

When onsite, your role will be that of a marshal which may involve in/outdoor work so we recommend bringing/wearing warm comfortable clothes and also bring a hi vis jacket if possible, if you don’t have one, not to worry.

The duties normally involve:

  • Welcoming guests outside the main entrance and checking that they have a booking reference and that they are in good health. No reference, no jab!
  • Maintaining the queue outside the main entrance in line (a snake line outside the front of the shop) Ensuring people are at least two metres apart (they normally are not!) and again checking that they have a booking reference and that they are in good health.
  • Welcoming guests just inside the main entrance
  • Monitoring the indoor queues and maintaining the 2 metre distance and identifying those who may need extra support.
  • Sending guests to administrators from the queue (to be formally checked in), and wiping down chairs/desks between
  • Sending guests to the vaccinators as and when one is free (to have their jabs)
  • Minding the exit area [note steep ramp for wheelchairs]

Refreshment facilities will be available upstairs. In terms of PPE, masks are available onsite; however bring your own.

Thank you so much for your support.

Finally, if you are unable to make your shift please give us as much notice as possible. We never forget that you are a volunteer but the success of each day of the vaccination programme relies on your support.


We need to be constantly aware that ‘Disruptors’  and anti-vax protestors and other imposters may try to access the building. There are two security guards on the entrance.

This is why you are asked to bring your confirmation email as ID. This can be on your phone or in print.

If you cannot have the ID required, the security guard will ask for a member of staff to meet you and take you in. Unfortunately some people can make life unnecessarily difficult for the rest of us.

There is a blog at the link here==> have a look at the blog here.

Kind regards from the organising team,

Terry Cooke-Davies

Bill Flavell

Derek Harris

Joe Sullivan