Terms and conditions and registration form

Dear Triathlete,

The registration form to cut and paste is at the end of this page of terms and conditions.

Thank you all for entering the 2021 Channel Triathlon – we appreciate your support and we want it to be safe. Please read these Terms & Conditions and sign the Registration Form – instructions at the end – to confirm your understanding and acceptance of them. Your entry to the event is conditional upon your acceptance. They apply equally to all variations of the event on the day.

It is essential that we know of any medical condition you have or medication which you use, which may affect your care in the event of an accident.

We must prepare for Covid protection which may be required on the date of the Tri

You must provide this information in the document at the end of this paper, sign and return it to

If unable to take part you must not give your number after registration to anyone else as the number relates to the information you have given.

Age Categories and Requirements

a) The Event Registration Form must be completed by a person aged 18 years or over. Evidence of age must be provided on request.

b) Riders under the age of 18 on the day of the event will be allowed to participate in the event with the consent of their parent or legal guardian who must sign the Event Registration Form on the rider’s behalf.  By signing the Event Registration on the rider’s behalf, they accept responsibility for the actions and consequences of the underage rider.

Race Location & Parking Area.

The race is focused in and around the Harbour Arm in Folkestone.

We have no special parking arrangement this year. See charges here=> https://folkestoneharbourarm.co.uk/information/faq/

 Water temperature this year will be in the optional zone. You will need swim shoes for the swim and swim shoes/trainers  for the return run to the transition area which is approximately 300m.


Will open at 3.30pm – 6.00pm on Saturday and 6am Sunday

You will be given 4 race numbers at registration.

You will also be given a swim cap.

Our current rule is that you must have completed the Covid19 Questionnaire and confirm at registration that your answers have not changed since the form was completed.

Swim start Times   Entrants will enter water with a 5 second delay between each one.

Starting at 7.30am

GO TRI   and Super-Sprint     8.00

Racking your bike

All the racking is numbered.

 Your personal belongings should be placed in one bag only with your bike in the racking area – marshals will be in the racking area at all times but cannot be responsible for personal belongings.

Triathlon race Licences

All BTF athletes must produce their Triathlon race licences at registration. If you forget your licence, you will have to pay the £5 charge for a BTF day membership.

See all the British Triathlon guidance and rules cut and paste this link =>

Some rules we wish to highlight

* In order to avoid accidents, safeguard equipment and protect personal possessions, athletes must not bring helpers, friends or family members into any transition area.

* Every competitor must ensure that his or her cycle is in a safe and roadworthy condition and conforms to the specifications laid down in the technical rules.

Helmet must not be fastened when left in transition.

* Helmets must be fastened before the competitor’s cycle is moved from its allotted place in the transition area and must remain fastened until the cycle is returned to this position at the end of the cycle section of the race.

* Competitors must mount their cycles and start riding only when the parts of both wheels that touch the ground are outside the transition area (ie at or beyond the officially designated cycle start). When returning to transition, competitors must dismount their cycle before any part of the cycle leaves the dismount zone, which should be clearly marked before the end of the cycle course. They may then walk or run with their bike to its allotted position.

* Competitors are not permitted to draft, (ie take shelter behind or beside another competitor or motor vehicle) during the cycling segment of races. A link in the email with this attachment explains

* All competitors must follow the normal rules of the road, obey all traffic signals and follow any instructions given by the police. Any infringement of the law and subsequent legal action is the sole responsibility of the competitor.

* Competitors are ultimately responsible for their own safety and for the safety of others.

* During the cycling phase, a number must be displayed to your back. * During the running phase, a number must be displayed to the front.

 An elasticated belt can be purchased for this purpose.

Knowledge of the Course 

Responsibility for following the prescribed event course rests with you. You must obey all event signs and all instructions of the Marshals. Please familiarize yourself with the course beforehand with the help of the maps and information on the website at http://www.channeltri.com

Risk Assessment

As with all activities there is a risk to anyone taking part. A full risk assessment has been carried out and will be displayed near the registration area. Please make yourselves aware of those risks specific to this event.

Electronic Race Timing

This event uses electronic chip timing. Once issued with your chip at registration ensure you do not lose it or get it mixed up with someone else’s. Please ensure you only cross timing mats whilst you are racing, or when instructed to by a marshal at the swim start. If you cross timing mats when you shouldn’t your results could be affected. Return your timing chip to the marshals in the finish area at the end of your race, or if you drop out for any reason to a member of the event crew. Competitors who fail to return their timing chip will be charged £40.

The Standard 1500m swim (2 lap of the course) then 2 laps of the bike course then 2 laps on the run.

Aqua Bike 1500m swim (2 laps) then 2 laps of the bike course. Your time stops when you cross the Mat at the end of the bike course.

Sprint is one 750m swim (1 lap) then 1 laps on the bike then 1 laps on the run.

There is a turn point that is marked on the main map in registration.

GO TRI and Super-Sprint: 250m swim, 10.4k of the bike circuit and 2.5k of the run circuit.

Health and Fitness To Undertake The Event.

  1. You accept that you are taking part at your own risk and are responsible for your own well-being throughout the event.
  2. You undertake that you are fit and capable to safely complete the event in the designated time of the event.
  3. As the event is taking place within Covid restrictions – at the time of writing – you must sign the Covid declaration on the registration form.
  4. We will hold relevant medical information supplied to us securely in order to inform the medical services in the event of an emergency. The relevant medical questionnaire and the Covid declaration which is on the registration form.
  5. We reserve the right to remove you from the course if we reasonably believe that your health could be at risk or that you are a danger to others.

Emergency help.

The number to contact in case of emergency will be found on your wristband which will have your entry number also and must be worn at all times.

Entry on the day,

Entry is possible on the day. Registration closes at 7.30am

Refreshment stations.

There will not be refreshment stations as in the past. Please bring your own preferred refreshment. There will be an emergency table with small bottles of water at the turning point or the run and near the finish.

Do not throw used bottles. Use the bins provided

Relay race

Team members will have a timing chip each. There will be no need to pass a chip from one to the other. This may change depending on Covid guidance at the time. Where this system is used it is essential that waiting team members do not stray onto the timing mat before starting their part of the relay.

The race is run under BTF Rules you are recommended to familiarise yourself with the BTF rules and regulations. They can be found on the BTF web site http://www.britishtriathlon.org or contact the BTF on 01509 226161

Race start and Briefing

Please be at the race start 15 minutes before your start time

There will be a short race briefing before each race by the swim start.

Withdrawing during the race

 If at any point during the race you feel the need to stop and pull out of the race please do not hesitate to do so. Find the nearest marshal who will help you get back to the Harbour Arm.  Marshals can also call for medical support should it be needed. It is important that if you withdraw you tell us you have done so, we want to know you’re safe! You will be given an emergency number for the event at registration on a wrist band.


Presentations will depend on Covid circumstances at the time.

 Medals will be placed on your bike.

Mobile Phones 

You must carry a mobile phone with you in case of emergency. Normal road rules apply to the use of mobile phones and they should only be used when it is safe and appropriate to do so. NOT WHILE CYCLING!

Wearing earphones is not permitted at any stage of the event


We make no express or implied warranty, guarantee or representation regarding the degree of safety which may or may not result from compliance with the event rules or sanctioning criteria. We undertake examinations of the courses and inspections of equipment solely to monitor compliance with the event rules and guidelines, and do not guarantee to ensure safety from personal injury or property damage. Safe participation in the event and the security of your equipment is your sole responsibility.


By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you are also giving your permission for us to:

a) use any photos taken of you during the event for our media reports and future public relations purposes.

b) hold your details electronically and to contact you about our future events within the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (‘GDPR’).

What to do next:

The Registration Form

If you are already booked please cut and paste the medical information requested in the page below and the consent statement below and return to weflavell@hotmail.co.uk

If you are in the process of booking please tick the appropriate boxes in the booking form.

This information must be provided before participating in the event. Your event numbers will be issued at registration.

  •  ………………………………………..



If you have suffered from symptoms of Covid in the 10 days before the Event then you should self-isolate and seek medical advice[gc1] .

Within the last 10[gc2]  days have you been unwell with any of the following symptoms:

• High temperature (above 37.8ºC)…………………………….

• Loss or change in sense of smell and/or taste…………………

• Persistent cough……………………………………………….

• Cold symptoms including sore throat…………………………

• Headache unusual for you……………………………………..

Been in contact with anyone confirmed with having or suspected to have Covid-19 (including being contacted by NHS Test and Trace)?    ………………………..

If you have answered yes to any of the above then do not attend the Event.

Important medical information.

In the event of an emergency, is there any information which attending medical staff need to know ?

(Examples include: respiratory conditions including asthma; heart, kidney, liver or neurological conditions; diabetes mellitus; a spleen or immune system condition; medication and allergies ).

                                                                  Yes                                         No

If yes please provide the information below.

I have read and agree the terms and conditions of the Channel Triathlon.


Name:…………………………………………. Email  ……………………………………..

Mobile Number……………………………..   

SEND TO weflavell@hotmail.co.uk