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The third annual Channel Triathlon will be held on September 13th 2020.
The event is centred around the Folkestone Harbour Arm which has been redeveloped into an extremely popular modern-day pier attracting crowds of visitors for its entertainment, restaurants and bars – a fantastic unique setting for a triathlon.
The 2020 Channel Triathlon offers additional and greater challenges in 2020 which will also be a fantastic spectator event. We have also now added a Open Water Swim challenge.
After a very successful Channel Triathlon 2019 which attracted over 200 triathletes, booking opened immediately for the 2020 Triathlon.

Signing up for the challenge is a great motivator for fitness but in this
uncertain time we would like to help by offering a refund
should it be cancelled.

(this does not include the small administration fee charged by third party)

As the event is sponsored, all entry fees are held for charity until after the event.

Raising funds for:Folkestone-and-District-Mind-logo-blueshepway-sports-trust-logo-colourAbout the Channel Tri

The Channel Tri blends the attractive development of the Folkestone Sea Front and Harbour Arm, with the adjacent sea coast and surrounding peaceful countryside, to provide an ideal location for the newly created Channel Triathlon.

• Standard and Sprint (shorter distance for each leg) formats.

• Team event – one athlete for each leg of the triathlon.

• A ‘no-run’ option for those who prefer not to run – Aquabike!

• Open water swim – 1.9K, 1.5K and 750 metres

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