For Pre-Registration Click Here – available the week before the event.

 For Channel Tri Home Page Click Here

Signing up for the challenge is a great motivator for fitness but in this
uncertain time we would like to help by offering a refund
should it be cancelled.

As the event is sponsored, all entry fees are held for charity until after the event.

Q: How to get to the venue? Location Map Click Here 

Q: What time is registration? From 4-6pm Saturday 3rd and 6.30 am on Sunday 4th

Q: What is the latest time I can register for the event? You can register on the morning until the start of the event.

Q: Is parking available? There is parking close by?  See the site map Click Here  (Update In Due Course)

Q: Are there toilets at the venue? Yes toilets will be available.

Q: Is baggage storage available? There is no baggage storage available

Q: Are there medals?  Yes for all competitors are presented with a bespoke finishers medal.

Q: Are there prizes? Yes there will be prizes

Q: Will the sea be cold?  September will see the sea at its warmest at this popular beach. The rule book – 9.3  The minimum water temperature as follows:   <14°C – Wetsuits mandatory, 14°C – 21.9°C – Optional but recommended, >22°C – Wetsuits banned – Sprint/Standard distance. However we  recommend that you wear a wetsuit but it is no mandatory

Q: Is the beach tidal?  Yes but the tide is right for the swim times.

Q: Is the swim in open water?  Yes the bay is protected by the Harbour Arm.

Q: What will happen if there is inclement weather The harbour arm protects the bay except for unusual storms.
In case of a severe south-easterly wind the event will change to become a duathlon; run, bike and run. The British Triathlon event official and event organiser will make that decision.

Q: How far from the swim to transition? 200 meters Click Here  (Update in due course)

Q: Is the bike route hilly? For the route Click Here  (Update in due course) It is testing but not extreme on the outward run.

Q: What is the route for the run?  For the route Click Here  (Update in due course) It is relatively flat.

Q: Are refreshments available? Refreshments will be available on the run route. There are a number of outlets in the Harbour area, they will be open all day from 6am. 

Q: Will mechanics be on site?  Yes.