Channel Rotary Winter Fund Appeal

Channel Rotary Club, has been raising funds to help less fortunate people for over 40 years during which time we have donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to all kinds of charities and especially for those people in need in our local area.

Many of us as we approach Christmas like to make a donation to help others but need an easy way to do it. Maybe you are a pensioner who the government helps every year with a winter fuel allowance but perhaps don’t have the same need as some and would like an easy way to give to a worthy cause.

We have identified three local organisations including Age UK, who help the lonely and vulnerable, the Folkestone Winter Shelter and the Food Bank who help those who struggle through the Winter.

Please donate to our CHANNEL WINTER FUND and know that our Rotary club will make sure it reaches those in most need this winter.

Thank you

Gary Calver, President