Presentation of cheque to Ukraine Family

In March this young Ukraine lady lost her husband fighting against the Russians in defence of their country.  She escaped to Warsaw with her two young children along with an aunt to help them.  Her parents refuse to leave their homes as well as the aunts husband and elder children.They zoom with Ukraine regularly, but…

The Queen

Channel Rotary Club are extremely saddened at the death of our beloved Queen. Every meeting of this club has included a ‘Toast to the Queen’. A tradition that is so important to our members as The Queen has been a beacon to a life dedicated to service which we all aspire to follow in our…

Channel Triathlon A Great Success

It was the perfect weather for Channel’s Triathlon at East Cliffe Folkestone on Sunday. It was a hugely successful event raising over £11,000 for those suffering hardship in the local area. We give many thanks to our sponsors for supporting this event. Full results can be found on Channel’s website


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