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Speaker Evening

Channel Rotary were delighted to entertain Miss Iulia Lambrino, Earlscliffe Interact President and Miss Maria Toma at Wednesday’s Speaker Meeting. We listened with interest to Mr Thomas Stewart who talked on his charitable work in Uganda. Earlscliffe Interact Club are interested in involvement an overseas project and in particular Africa. 

Channel Rotary’s Winter Fund

Channel rotary’s Winter Fund launched quietly at the start of October. The Fund is designed as an easy access one-stop secure place for donations to help organisations working in our community to provide extra care necessary during the coming winter months. Donations are managed securely by Just Giving and paid into Channel Rotary’s Charity Fund.…

Earlscliffe Sixth Form College in Folkestone Celebrates the Formation of its Own Interact Club Sponsored by Channel Rotary

We are delighted to announce that the formation of Earlscliffe Interact Club was recognised at an Evening of Celebration at Earlscliffe Sixth Form College, Folkestone on 1st October attended by 70 Guests including members of Interact, Rotary officials, local dignitaries, teachers, family and friends.  Interact Clubs are formed under the auspices of Rotary International and…

Princess Royal Thanks Volunteers

The visit of the Princess Royal to Dover Castle was always intended to be an outdoor event being the safest way for such a gathering during Covid times. There was of course a contingency plan for bad weather. The wind blew strongly on September 30th and the leaden clouds hung threateningly, dripping on occasions, but…


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