Channel Rotary and Year 10 Mock Interviews at The Harvey

A very rewarding day was spent by 15 Rotarians and other local business persons interviewing year 10 pupils at Harvey Grammar school. The pupils had just been on a weeks work experience and the school wanted them to complete the exercise by exposing them to a live mock job interview. During the course of the day almost 150 pupils had had their interview. Channel Rotarians were very impressed with the standard of the candidates and the school should be congratulated on an excellent initiative.

Max Feaver for the school said “ We are really grateful for everyone giving up their time to give the pupils this unique experience. There is nothing like a real interview to provide that extra incentive”

For further information:  Brian Banks (Channel Rotary)
07929 331353

Two Tons of Food Donated to Folkestone Foodbank

Channel Rotary manned the entrance to Tesco supermarket, encouraging people to buy a little extra in their shop and donate it to the Folkestone Foodbank, a local charity for local people facing genuine hardship. They were able to persuade the general public to donate 165 large boxes full of goods, weighing 2,138kg  and together with Tesco’s donation, raised very close to £5,000 worth of food and cash.
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Channel Cycle Challenge a Great Success

The C100 a fabulous event with lasting benefits raising £8000 for local people suffering hardship.

Perhaps the greatest pleasure having organised the Channel 100 mile Challenge was standing at the finish quietly observing what it means to each individual. It matters not whether they had just finished 30 miles or 100 the buzz of achievement is fabulous . The C100 is never intended to be a race. It is a personal challenge. The first 100 miler home was thrilled with his time an average of over 20 mph. For another who finished the 50 miles was it her first time for 50 years, since her teens; wow. The C100 accommodated 30-50-80 and 100 mile challenges with the option to switch as you go.

The cycle route on the Marsh is like a links golf course. The challenge changes according to the weather. We were blessed with a beautiful day, wind free to start but by the afternoon there was a challenging wind. That’s the challenge and part of the exhilaration when finishing.

The clement weather meant that the mechanic from Romney Cycles had a quietish day. We are very grateful to them for giving up their day to help us

Some athletes arrived back exhausted but still full of appreciation. Comments such as “ what a fabulous course”, – “the signage was great” – “the marshals were so helpful”, often repeated, make the effort of organising the event so rewarding.

We had an early start because over 100 had people booked to do the new 100 mile course. Many others turned up on the day. Some had cycled from home just to get a few more miles in. Others had camped, down the road near Dymchurch, on the night before; a great idea for a weekend with a difference.

It is great to be in the company of health and fitness orientated people. Many take on the challenge because they have medical conditions which they strive to keep in check. One cyclist had done his first ride of the year, completing 80 miles. He was so pleased because he has lost 3.5 stone since January. Events like the C100 are for everyone.

A lovely camaraderie develops amongst the athletes. Friendships are made while others wait at the finish to cheer in those they passed with a few words, along the way. Two ladies arrived back saying “we have just talked non stop for five hours, it has been such a pleasure”.

After the finish there was a wonderful buzz around the garden of the Star Inn. Experiences were shared over refreshing drinks while music played.

Another lovely moment for us was a cyclist who intended to join us but overslept. He came to pay, simply because it was his intention to support our charity work.

When all is said and done, Channel Rotary had raised almost £8.000 for local charities. So many thanked us for that, which is completely unnecessary. We all had a great day and the good will continue as we distribute the funds.


Handover Night at Channel Rotary

An evening of skits, fun and of course a rundown on the years achievements provided a full and entertaining evening at Folkestone Rugby Club for the Channel members as Gary Calver handed over the reins and presidency to the incoming president Alan Myers.

Alan has been an active member of Channel for over 20 years will be well placed to lead the club for another successful year.