Channel Rotary’s Winter Fund

Channel rotary’s Winter Fund launched quietly at the start of October. The Fund is designed as an easy access one-stop secure place for donations to help organisations working in our community to provide extra care necessary during the coming winter months. Donations are managed securely by Just Giving and paid into Channel Rotary’s Charity Fund.

Covid has added additional pressures in so many areas as well as causing new areas of need.

This year the Fund is focused on three local charities. The Winter Shelter for the homeless, Age UK and the Food Bank.

Covid’s social distancing has forced the Winter Shelter to work in very different ways. This has made life more comfortable for those who must use it but these improvements come with costs. The project has been extremely successful. Not only does it take people in from the streets during the worst of winter weather but it has helped up to 80% of those it supports find permanent homes and some to find work, helping to repair many broken lives.

But sadly a new cohort of troubled people find themselves drifting into homelessness all the time. The Winter Shelter does not just provide food and a bed. It aims to provide whatever support is required to help the underlying causes of each individual’s situation; shelter and food at night and then volunteers working during the day to find solutions to the individual needs. You can find the Just Giving link here.

One of the most striking issues we encountered in the early days of the vaccination programme was the loneliness that resulted from isolation amongst the very old, many of whom live alone. Age UK had been such an important link in their lives; meeting the elderly, identifying and solving needs and providing the opportunity for social contact; lunches and other meetings.

Many changes have been necessary to provide support for this vulnerable group in a world which has not returned to normal, especially during the winter when the elderly will be most at risk again. Rising prices, fuel in particular, are constant worries for the elderly. Age UK is there to help keep a watchful eye, protect and support. Donations to the Winter Fund will be divided evenly between our three chosen charities.

Regardless of furlough and business support grants some people in our community lost their livelihoods because of the pandemic and had to turn for support to the Food Bank in the last year. The Food Bank has also had to make many changes in the way it operated because of Covid and has had to cope with reduced opportunity to collect supplies.

All these three organisations receive support from Channel Rotary during the year not only in funds but volunteer support as well. But this is the time when pressure builds especially in this winter when covid is on the resurgence again. Please donate through this link

In recent years, some who receive the Winter Fuel Allowance have donated it to those in greater need. The Winter Fund is a nice opportunity to be able to donate. Every penny we receive will go to these charities as soon as possible during the winter and put to the best possible use.

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