How Many Volunteer Marshals Does It Take To Do Over 100,000 Covid Vaccinations?

The answer for the two Folkestone vaccinations centres is hundreds and hundreds. Around 700 selfless local residents have volunteered since January and so enabled NHS staff and other trained vaccinators to do the essential job of protecting people against Covid-19. The whole volunteer programme was put together and is managed by the two Folkestone Rotary Clubs (Folkestone Channel and Folkestone). Amazingly, the volunteers have already given freely of 18,000 hours of their time and we appreciate it enormously.

Typically, between 40 and 50 volunteer marshals are needed every day; and, with people returning to work or going on holiday, new volunteers are urgently needed to replace them as the programme expands into younger people and top-up jabs. So please consider giving a few hours yourself and help us to remove the threat of Covid-19.

Contact Joe Sullivan of Folkestone Channel Rotary on 07740 284236

Thank you
Duncan H.

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