VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Helping Folkestone’s Vaccinations

Rotary has been coordinating volunteers to marshal at the two vaccination centres in Folkestone. There has been amazing support with 550 people giving their time for the 52 marshals needed each day.

As life returns to normal in every way following the success of the vaccinations, people have less free time to support the essential work. But the pace of vaccinations must increase. It is hoped that the Folkestone sites can vaccinate up to 3000 people each day 7 days a week.

Over the next 2 months until it is finished can you give even one session a week? This would ease the pressure on the volunteers who have given so much time over the last 5 months.

All details are on the various links on the Channel Rotary website on the page below https://channelrotary.wordpress.com/vaccination-volunteers/

The link to the booking platform for sessions is at the bottom of that page also.Sessions at the Civic Centre are 3 hours. At Debenhams 4 hours and 2.5 hours.

Contact joe.sullivan@channelrotary.org.uk for any information.

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