A little bit about us.

An army of volunteers has been helping the Rotary initiative to support the vaccination programme in Folkestone over the last three months. The NHS Trust has sent messages saying how valued this amazing response of support is. It demonstrates how when a group of people come together to give a little of their time it can grow into a great power for good.

This is the basis of Rotary. An organisation which although it has been around for over 100 years is not understood by many or is sadly talked about in a divisive way of the haves and have-nots. In fact the intention of Rotary is quite the opposite; an intention to bridge that gap.

It is a worldwide organisation which on the one hand  is driving the eradication of polio from the world alongside the Gates Foundation while supporting a local school’s hardship fund on the other. Rotary is a non-political group of business and professional people embracing all professions and trades. Its aims are to promote the highest ethical standards in business while showing that every professional’s and tradesperson’s skills offer opportunities of service to the community. There can be no better demonstration of how this can work than the fantastically diverse skills of the 530 volunteers coming together for the good of our community by supporting the vaccination programme.

Rotary locally through the two clubs in our town has demonstrated how having a network of likeminded people with diverse skills who meet mostly as friends can be ready to act immediately when there is a need.

Four of us, Bill Flavell and Derek Harris and me of the Channel Club, and Terry Cooke-Davies of the Folkestone Club volunteered to take on this project when asked to help. I have just realised as I write that we have never met together during this task; just one Zoom call at the beginning was all that was necessary for each to use their individual experience to enable the project to evolve.

It has been fantastically rewarding as all the vaccination volunteers will testify, to be part of the great success story and it has been equally rewarding to experience the network of friendships and cooperation which has grown amongst the army of volunteers and all of the NHS workforce.

We must be able to build on this spirit of cooperation for the good of the Town.

Many volunteers have offered to help with other Rotary projects. Strangely we need marshals for our charity sporting events. On Sunday July 4th is the Channel Cycling Challenge at Romney Marsh. This is a 70 or 50 or 30 mile cycling event which requires many marshals. If you would like a morning in the sun – I hope! – please email alan.myers@channelrotary.org.uk who is coordinating the marshals for the event.

Or if you would like to take part to help our work in the community have a look, click =  >> HERE

Later in the year on September 5th we will need help with the Channel Triathlon at the Harbour. Or you could take part! HAVE A LOOK HERE

Our charity golf day on May 14th is fully booked with 200 golfers. But there is always next year!

If you would like to know more about Rotary email; howard.cocker@channelrotary.org.uk

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